Here’s some facts about me, just so we’re all on the same page.

  • I am a mom, and I refer to my children as “tiny nuggets” on occasion.
  • I am a pet parent to a few dogs…all rescues. Adopt, don’t shop, people!
  • I am a wife. It’s a miserable marriage (for me) that is pretty much masked as something better than it should.
  • I have schizoaffective disorder, which I discuss in my own way through my experiences.
  • I suffer from auditory (and mild visual) hallucinations.
  • I love to write and read, so I guess, in short, I live a very boring life within my chaos.
  • I have a “colorful” past.
  • I am not religious, but I am spiritual in my own way. So I don’t believe in a specific higher power, nor do I have a strict set of beliefs that I run my life on.
  • I have very low-self esteem beyond what goes on inside of my head.