I watch the minutes tick by slowly as I finish each and every task. What I’m thinking is taking me a lifetime, is actually me flying through them because I’m so used to them.

I just have to remember, I have a job with good benefits to keep my family afloat. There’s no reason to disturb that. But I’m so burned out. And it’s not like I can take a week off. When I was on maternity leave for six weeks, it was so nice not having to get up and deal with the monotony of my job. I just had to be there for my children. It was the best thing ever.

Now, day in and day out, I’m stuck, like a manufacturing job, doing the same tasks over and over like a robot. It’s rather taxing, especially when my supervisor throws in tedious tasks when I’m very capable of finding other things to do. Ugh.

I like my job, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate it as well. It’s just that I need a break. A break that doesn’t require me to do much of anything while at home either. Because between work and home, there is no break. I’m a momma first when I get home with no time to actually relax. It’s exhausting.

How am I surviving it all?