I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s weighing heavy on my mind, and THEY keep mumbling about it incessantly. So why not “scribble” it down and purge it from the hollow depths.

I miss that spark. I miss that spark with someone that piques your interest. You want to know about them. You have the perfect back an forth. You two just get it. You can dish and take whatever snarky remark comes out of their mouth. It’s a fun dance that you play.

I miss that.

I don’t want someone I feel I have to impress. I want to just be. For them to like me the way I am. For them to see me as I am and like me. Flaws and all, we accept those of each other. We just go about our everyday lives like it’s nothing while still having this light air between us that’s fun and cute at the same time.

Effortless and meaningful.

I’m not asking for those holding hand moments. Interlaced fingers. Tracing palms with head on shoulder moments. Not the soft kisses on the forehead. The playful boop on the nose. As nice as all of those are. (Yes, I secretly still miss those with someone.)

I want mental flirtation. The kind that sticks with you and gives you butterflies from the buzz of your phone. From that one particular ringtone. I want something that echoes throughout when they say something special to me. When I blush, they know it kind of feeling.

This is my kind of flirting.