So it looks as if this terrible year is coming to a close. There aren’t too many good points to this year that involve me directly. Only bad things happened to me this year, worse than previous years. I’ve been raped, abused, among other things, and it’s sad to say, this is my worst year to date. Ugh.

I can’t forgive the powers that be. I know they hate me. They look down on me and see me as the joke, the pawn to use as they please to make others lives easier while makin mine harder and harder to manage. I hate hearing the religious phrases “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle” or “These hard times are just a test. God has something great in store for you.” Those make me feel worse because I know in my heart that those are bull crap.

I don’t know what 2017 holds, but hopefully it doesn’t involve anymore accidents or physical harm. I hope it doesn’t include more misery and struggle than I’ve come in contact with already. I NEED this to be a good year.