As I sit here with my mind broken in pieces and alone, I, myself, wonder about so many things in my life. I wonder how I got so off track. I wonder how I have failed so much. I wonder what I have done to deserve such horrible things to happen all of the time. And the list could go on and on.

There’s nothing I can hide from at this point. My past has been thrown in my face-what I did wrong; what I could have done better; why [insert ex here] was abusive to or dismissive of me. My future is pretty much nonexistent because financial stability is unattainable, and I will never get to where I’d like to be. And how I’d like to raise my kids? Well, that was to be completely ignored when I signed on to be a slave in this marriage. Again, this list could go on and on.

Things are relentless tonight, and I have no one. Anyone I did seem to have online seemed to drop me for unknown reasons, which is probably for the better…I guess. Though I am kind of worried about one, but that’s a story for a much later date.